Chamber Meeting Summary for July

The July monthly meeting was sponsored by Owen County Fiscal Court.   Judge Executive, Casey Ellis gave the annual State of the County Address.  He reported on the success of the prior fiscal year, including expanding the Transit program and the  Senior Citizens center operating solely on grant funding.  He also addressed the coming challenges with the closing of Itron and St. Elizabeth Emergency Department.

These were the closing comments from today's State of the County address. This embodies what Chamber is....'Together we are much stronger than we are apart'

"In closing let me say this. We all know that change is inevitable. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it, there may be a passing storm and it may be gloomy in some areas but it's very bright in others, the sky is not falling, we have been here for 198 years and we didn’t get to this point overnight and we're not going to falter overnight. I will always contend that we have never reached our peak. We also have not hit bottom. As long as we continue moving forward together we won’t, and success will take care of itself. We are a resilient community, we always have been and always will be. We must be supportive of one another and realize by evidence of the many great things happening that we discussed here today, together we are much much stronger than we are apart." - Casey Ellis, Judge Executive

Owen County Chamber